Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1967, Budapest, Hungary

Assistant professor
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Humanities
Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Film Studies
1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6-8.
Tel/Fax: 36-1-411-6558


2006 PhD in Aesthetics at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest
2001 MA in Aesthetics at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest
1998 Program of Theory and Teaching of Moving Images at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest
1994 DEA in Film and Audiovisual Studies at Université de la Nouvelle Sorbonne (Paris III)
1992 MA in English and French Language and Literature at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest


Contemporary Bollywood cinema
Hungarian film history, especially sound cinema till 1957 and genre problems
Narratology and questions of adaptation and intermediality


Research experience

2012: Invited member of the research workshop on Exile and Migration Patterns across Europe's Film Industries 1933-1945 at Southampton University
2011-present: Member of the Research Group on Hungarian Film History at ELTE
2010-present: Member of the international Euro-Bollywood Research Group
2010: Research on film production and distribution in contemporary Bollywood film industry in Mumbai with the support of the government of India
2008-present: Member of NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies)
1993-94: Research and postgraduate study of the literary and cinematic work of Jean Cocteau at Université de la Nouvelle Sorbonne (Paris III) with the support of the French government

Teaching experience

1998-present: Department of Film Studies, ELTE University, Budapest
1998-2002: visiting lecturer, 2002-2006: assistant lecturer, 2006-present: assistant professor
Courses taught:
2000-present: History of Silent Cinema (also in English)
2000-present: Hungarian Film History till the 1950s
2002-present: Analysis of Narration in Films (also in English)
2002-present: Translation of Film Studies Texts from English to Hungarian
2006-present: Introduction to Film Studies: Film and Other Arts (with Teréz Vincze)
2007-present: Cases of Adaptation and Intermediality (also in English)
2009-present: Realist Trends in European Cinema in the 1930-1950s
2013-present: Concise History of European and American Cinema till the 1950s (in English)
2014-present: History of Hungarian Cinema in a Cultural Context (in English)
2009 Globalisation in Contemporary Bollywood Cinema
2008 Introduction to Bollywood Cinema
2009 Analysis of Vampire Films
2007-2008 Film Analysis: Film Image and Elements of Mise en Scene
2006-2008 Trends of Film History in the 1930-1950s
2006-2007 The Work of Alfred Hitchcock (with Zoltán Varga)
2006 American and French Cinema in the 1930-1940s (with Tibor Hirsch)
2005-2006 Dracula and Vampire Films
2005 Contemporary Young Hungarian Filmmakers
2005 Reading Seminar in English
2005 Literary Adaptations
2002-2004 Film Analysis
2015 Bollywood and the Indian Film Industries (in English)
2014-2015 Filmmaking Practice: Breaking Down a Scene (with András Salamon)
2013 Problems of Adaptations and Intermediality
2011 Research Seminar on Genre Concepts and Genre Types in Bollywood Cinema
2008-2011 Bollywood: Cultural Identity, Globalization and Questions of Narration (also in English)
2007-2008 Genres in Hungarian Film History
2007 Questions of Adaptations
Research Consultation on Adaptation and Intermediality; Hungarian Cinema; Bollywood Cinema
2008-present Adaptation and Intermediality
Research Consultation on Intermediality and Early Hungarian Cinema
Postgraduate Teacher Training Courses for Teachers of Media and Film:
1998-2014 Trends of Film History till the 1930s
1998-2014 Trends of Film History in the 1930-1950s

2006-2014: King Sigismund College, Budapest, Hungary
Permanent visiting lecturer
Courses taught:
Hungarian Film History until the 1950s
Early Cinema
Analysis of Narration in Films
Bollywood Cinema
Great Figures of Hungarian Cinema
Hungarian Film History in a Cultural Context (in English)

Invited lecturer:
2010: School of Broadcasting and Communication, Mumbai: Indian Remakes of Hollywood Films, Differences of Narration
2010: Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi: Contemporary Young Hungarian Film Makers
2003: Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, Hungary: Early Hungarian Film History
2000-2004: Teacher Training Courses in Film and Media Studies organised by the Local Pedagogical Institutions in different parts of Hungary: Hungarian and World Film History
2000: Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Roumania: Early Film History
1999: Vitéz János Catholic Teachers Training College in Esztergom, Hungary: World Film History from the Beginning till the 1950s

Administrative experience

Responsible for the development of the new curricula of the Department of Film Studies and The Institute for Art Theory and Media Research:
2014 MA of Teacher Training in Media, Film and Communication in Hungarian language
2013 BA in Film and Media Studies with a Specialisation in Filmmaking in Hungarian and English language
2011 MA in Film Studies in English language
2011 Filmmaking Specialisation of the MA in Film Studies in Hungarian language
2008 MA in Film Studies in Hungarian language with Film Theory Specialisation

Coordinator of the different teaching programs of the Department of Film Studies
Member of the Educational Committee of the Faculty of Humanities

Other professional activities

Editorial activity
1996-present: founding editor of the Hungarian quarterly of film theory and film history entitled Metropolis (, editor-in-chief in 2000 and since 2013
1996: Editor of Filmszem, daily paper of the 27th Hungarian Film Festival
1994-present: Editor of the Hungarian quarterly of art theory called Enigma, 2000-present: managing director of the company publishing the review

Public engagement
2011-present: Regular lecturer at different cultural programs of the Indian Embassy in Budapest
2011-present: Organiser of the Indian Film Club of the Indian Embassy in Budapest
2009-present: Organiser of the Bollywood Film Club in different cinemas of Budapest


Hindi (intermediate level)


Euro-Bollywood Workshop. Vienna University, Department of European Ethnology, Vienna, 28-29th November 2014:
European-Indian Cooperation in Film Production and Distribution.

Moving on: South Asian Screen Cultures in a Broader Frame. University of Westminster, London, 12-14th June 2014.:
Alternative Distribution and Marketing Techniques in Contemporary Indian Cinema.

Konferencia Király Jenő tiszteletére [Conference in the Honor of Jenő Király]. Conference at the Film Studies Department of ELTE, Budapest, 6th December 2013.:
A „kisboldogság” fogalmának társadalmi vonatkozásai a 30-as évek magyar vígjátékában [Social Aspects of the Concept of „Minor Happiness” in Hungarian Comedies of the 1930s].

Dependance/Independance: Indian Cinemas. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III - IRCAV, 13-14th November 2013.:
Artistic Tendencies Emerging Inside Mainstream Bollywood Cinema.

Media Politics - Political Media. NECS 7th Annual Conference, Prague, 20-22nd June 2013.:
Right Wing Ideology in Hungarian Films between 1939-45.

Szőts István-konferencia a Szőts István-emléknapok keretében. [Conference Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of István Szőts] ELTE, Budapest, 28th September 2012.:
Az Emberek a havason és a magyar népi film. [Men on the Mountain and the Hungarian 'Problems Films' between 1939-45]

European Cinema's Transnational History: Exile and Migration Patterns across Europe's Film Industries, 1933-1945. Southampton University, Southampton, 9-11th July 2012:
Hungarian Emigrant Filmmakers in the 1930-1940s.

Genres beyond Hollywood. University of Southampton, Southampton, 8th July 2012:
Genre Mixtures of Bollywood Cinema.

What's New? The Changing Face of Indian Cinema. International Conference at the University of Westminster, London, 7-9th July 2011:
New Ways of Using Music in Contemporary Bollywood Cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan and Global Bollywood. International Conference at the Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie, Universität Wien, 30th September - 2nd October 2010:
Shah Rukh Khan's Pioneer Role in Introducing New Production, Distribution and Marketing Techniques in Globalised Bollywood.

Urban Mediations. NECS 4th Annual Conference, Istambul, Kadir Has University, 24-27th June 2010:
Changes of Bollywood Film Industry in the Years 2000.

Sztárok - A sztár-jelenség a film és média világában [Stars. The Phenomenon of Stardom in the World Film and Media]. Conference at the Film Studies Department of ELTE, Budapest, 9-10th April 2010:
A sztárjelenség sajátosságai Bollywoodban [Special Characteristics of Stardom in Bollywood].

Old and New Frames. NECS 2nd Annual Conference, ELTE BTK, Budapest, 19-21th June 2008:
The Effects of Globalisation on Bollywood Cinema.

Mesterek hagyatéka. In Memoriam Antonioni, Bergman. [The Heritage of Masters. In Memoriam Antonioni, Bergman] Conference at the Film Studies Department of ELTE, Budapest, 9-10th November 2007.
A nap vége mint emlékezéstörténet [Bergman's Wild Strawberries as a narrative of remembrance]

Words and Images. 10th International Film and Media Studies Conference in Transsylvania, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 25-26th May 2007:
Az örkényi groteszk filmen [The Adaptation of István Örkény's Grotesque to Films]

A Vászon és a Dívány találkozása. Szabad asszociációk filmművészet és pszichoanalízis határvidékén. Első magyar pszichoanalitikus filmkonferencia [The Meeting of Screen and Sofa - Free Associations of Film and Psychoanalysis. 1st Hungarian Psychoanalytic Film Conference], Pécs, 7-9th December 2006:
A horrorfilm és a szimbolikus rend [Horror Film and the Symbolic Order].

Képzelet és interaktivitás. IX. Erdélyi film- és médiatudományi konferencia [Imagination and Interactivity. 9th International Film and Media Studies Conference in Transsylvania], Cluj-Napoca, Romania 19-20th May 2006:
A Drakula-figura valószerűségének változása a filmtörténetben [Transformation of the Rational and Irrational Aspects of the Figure of Dracula in Film History].

A megfigyelt nézés 6. - A némafilm kódjai. A Magyar Tanárok Egyesületének Konferenciája az ELTE Radnóti Miklós Gyakorlóiskola és Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum Örökmozgó Filmmúzeuma szervezésében [Observed Viewing 6. - The Codes of Silent Film. Conference of the Hungarian Teachers' Association], Budapest, 8-9th October 2004:
A börleszk továbbélése a hangosfilmváltás után és a mai filmben [Survival of Slapstick Comedy after the Advent of Sound Cinema and in Contemporary Cinema]